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& Expansion Coach

Over 35 years of business experience...

...Assures you, your team and your bottom line that you're in the safest hands from the moment we say YES to working together.

This is no ordinary coaching experience! With a proven track record in delivering creative results and a passion for growth and human potential, we are about to embark on a journey of innovation, inspiration and transformation!

Life, and work, are supposed to light us up, leave us feeling expanded, purposeful, and with meaning... For me, that joy and enthusiasm comes from 'leaping tall challenges with a single bound' (yep... kinda like superman/woman), creating results 'faster than a speeding bullet' and being the wind under the wings of the people I serve and work with.

In the following pages, you'll see all the areas that I can support, consult, coach, train and implement and to say that I'm looking forward to working YOU is an understatement.

I know the internet can be a cold place, so let's actually talk! Click HERE to get in touch. It's time to explore the possibilities your craving and results you're ready to achieve.

High Performance Solutions

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Let's look at your model, your projections and visions, mission, goals and values and ensure the systems, people and processes are set to leverage the desired outcomes and financial returns. Simple or complex, strategy is the beginning of longevity and consistency.

Human resources management

People, culture, grievance, recruitment, performance, learning & development, personality profiling, training, and industrial relations...

Are you plugged into a power source or are you trapped in the mysterious world of people and resource efficiencies?

Career development and promotion concept

From team leader to executive CEO level, leadership is your greatest asset. Continued development enables high performance and retention through growth and self awareness. Communication, Neuro Linguistic Programming and human psychology are at your fingertips. Click here for Trainings

High Performance Solutions

Marketing Strategy

You can't grow if you're the best kept secret in your industry! Let's review your social media, PR, branding, message and customer attraction/conversion strategy. We CAN make a difference while making money and it MUST be fun and creative!


Deciphering financial reports and becoming profitable can be a challenge. Never fear, I'm a Commercial Accountant and I've got your back. Margins, returns on investment, work in progress, assets...Get ready to demystify!!

Acquisitions, Negotiations, Projects & Planning

Have something 'out of the box' coming up? Need support or implementation? Thought of a temporary GM, Ops Manager or CEO? Let's talk about your projects. We could make beautiful music together! Let's talk about innovation!

Turning Energy & Potential into Performance

Create A Culture that Leans into the Natural Laws of Inspired Potential, Creative Development and Courage!

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Business Model & Strategy Development

It's time to harness your talents and optimise your strategy to ensure the greatest potential result.

If you're a one man band or 10,000 strong organisation, the business model and strategy are the foundation of your success and financial viability.

Finding the gaps in leverage, momentum and efficiency are a trouble shooter's (thats me by the way!!) first port of call. It's very easy to get caught in the day to day running of the business thinking the strategy will take care of itself at best, or procrastination prevents you from perfecting the operational, strategic and tactical aspects, at worst. Sometimes, it's just too big, or it's just feels unproductive to remove your focus from the incoming challenges, to something that is focused on tomorrows problems.

I get it! And, you're not wrong, you're just better utilised in other ways right now. So, here's where we swoop in to save the day:

  • Long Term Strategic Direction
  • Short Term Strategic Analysis
  • Project and Implementation Strategy and Planning
  • Company Vision, Mission, Goals and Values
  • Business Model and Competitor Market Review
  • Accounting Functionality and Margin Capitalisation
  • Marketing, Profile and Sales Conversion Strategy
  • HR and IT Strategy


Finance & Accounting

This can be one of the greatest challenges for SME's, Solo Business Owners and even larger organisations.

  • Do you have system in place that simplifies the complex questions? Do you understand your Management Reports and what they mean for the viability of your business?
  • Are you making decisions armed with the information you NEED?
  • Are you anxious about the future with more invoices than payments coming in?
  • Do you avoid looking at the 'numbers' because you're just not 'wired' that way?

Time and time again, I work with clients that are in full resistance to managing their Accounting functions either because they don't understand it or don't find the information they obtain, helpful or even useful.

The truth here though, is if you're not "measuring it, you're not managing it" and you're running the risk of running blind in your business or worse, running it into the ground without seeing the warning signs.

As a qualified Commercial Accountant, I will show you how to read your reports, what they mean in terms of your viability, how to manoeuvre your Profit and Loss and Projections, make the most from your margins and how to measure your Return on Sales, Return on Head Count and Return on Resource Investment and.... when it's time to SPEND, SPEND, SPEND! (That got your attention didn't it?)

Believe it or not, in business, there is always a time to REAP and always a time to SEW. Knowing when to do which.... Well that's where I come in. My intention is to unlock the mystery so well for you, I do myself OUT of a job!

Human resources

Human Resource & Growth Strategy

Let's face it, without the people, the business is nothing more than a shingle on a door. It's the people that make the cogs in the wheel turn and when we get it right we experience FLOW. When we experience the business as clunky, difficult, uninspiring, slow and powerless, it's time to look at the resources, vision, culture and the growth strategy.

Using tools like the MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) personality profile system, Leadership Development, Training Needs Analysis, Culture & Capability Reviews, Individual and Global Learning and Development, Change, Recruitment, Stakeholder Engagement, Neuro Linguistic Programing and Neuroscience, all help to dive deeper into the resolution of issues as well as setting the direction for future expectations.

When it comes to people, clarity is key. Here's how I help:

  • Team Building through the stages of 'Forming, Norming, Storming and Performing'
  • Conflict and Grievance Resolution, negotiation and review
  • Recruitment, Induction, SOP's, Job Descriptions, KPI's, Performance Reviews
  • Training Needs Analysis, Learning and Development, Mentorship Programs, Talent Reviews, Succession Planning
  • Leadership Development and Coaching up to Executive and CEO level
  • Resources analysis, return on head count and productivity ratios
  • Training, coaching and mentoring staff through to optimum performance

Marketing & Business Development

Every business and organisation is driven by their successful ability to serve. As a B2C or B2B your business development model and strategy has a direct correlation to your longevity and sometimes it's time to innovate and sometimes, consolidate. What we know for a fact though is that the strategy is vital.

As the market changes, algorithms are rewritten and marketing goal posts are moved, our agility is the difference that makes the difference.

Reviewing *resources, *training, *content creation and management, *market profile and reach, *return on resources and investments and *business development and client retention strategy are the first ports of call for our time together. Without progressive approaches, stagnation and repetitive initiatives leave the business stuck in 2nd gear hoping for the market to change, when in fact, it's the strategy that needs to innovate.

Strong profile building, comprehensive conversion strategies and customer-centric sales pipelines ensure consistent revenue generation today, and well into the future. When we reach for flow, simplicity and strategic attention, a competitive edge, well known story and brand and positioning as the 'go to' provider become the effortless result.

Leadership Coaching, Training & Development

Leadership training, mentorship, executive coaching and leadership development are the most under implemented trainings across most organisations. It is 'implied' that a person in a leadership or management role will figure it out, draw on previous experience or do their own personal development. While these are valid expectations, they can be incomplete or worse, cause attrition issues that silently slip under the radar of defensiveness and a lack of resilience.

Effective leadership requires unique training and ongoing coaching to address changing group dynamics, profitable outcomes and growth initiatives.

*Delegation *Personality Profiling

*Recruitment *Vision, Intent and Meaning

*Solution Oriented Culture *Performance Measurement and Management

*Energy Management *Hard (Profit) and Soft (People) - a balanced approach

*Inspiring Leverage, Momentum and Traction *Creating teams and environments that 'work'

*Communication, Empowerment and Self Awareness. *Addressing the BIG issues when needed

Brilliant leadership demands the delicate balance between head (analytical capability) and heart (sensory, feeling attributes) and learning how to creatively provide everyday direction, while mastering the art of influence on a grander scale. Mental agility facilitates the momentum required to lead oneself and others while leverage of the innate talents and environment provide the impetus to accelerate the vision and outcomes. Through the training courses offered HERE, your teams are set to thrive, be inspired and create a contagious workplace powered by depth, meaning and personal impact.

Training Programs & Workshops


Leadership Development for Executives

Leadership Development for Aspiring Leaders

How to Mentor for Success

Neuro Linguistic Programing for Leaders and Managers


Communication that Converts

Marketing Strategy and Public Relations

Content Creation and Story Branding

Neuro Linguistic Programing for Influence, Income and Impact


Speak to Sell

Speak for Impact

Creating A Masterful Message

Neuro Linguistic Programing on Stage


Recruitment Strategies and Interview Techniques

Creating and Leading effective Induction Programs


Communication for Teams

Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing

Performance Management and BIG Conversations


Mindset Mastery

Self Awareness & Decisiveness

Focus, Resilience and Self Mastery

Neuro Linguistic Programing for Teams, Leaders and Executives


Word of Mouth

My clients range from Solo-Preneurs to Multi National Service Providers and Manufacturers.

Due to the high profile nature and confidentiality of the work we do, I will NEVER reveal their identity (or yours for that matter).

Any success we achieve is theirs to claim, I am simply a facilitator of miracles..

Here are some of their words, in support of the contribution I've made to their ride!

Quotation Mark
Quotation Mark
Quotation Mark

We couldn't have come this far and overcome the challenges we faced without Carren's dedication to our team and vision. She is our secret weapon in pink shoes!


CEO, Manufacturing Company - 80 Staff.

I've learned more in the last 12 months than my entire business journey. I'm chasing BIG dreams and with Carren's guidance, love and support, the path has so much clarity.


Entrepreneur - 5 years in business

Honestly, my sessions with Carren are a life raft most months. I lead close to a thousand people and growing! MY development is everything and without Carren, I'd be lost. Simple. She's my lighthouse guiding me home to clarity.

President of Female Focused Organisation

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